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Another nod to the professional writers who create advertisements for television-- like the advertisement for the "ing" store (mailing, labelling, packing, etc). I'd like to nominate a different kind of "ing". One we can't buy, but we all desperately need-- wellbeing.

Wellbeing can be encouraged by appropriate institutional policy, but for far too many businesses (including law firms) fail to give it the priority attention it deserves-- it's apparently easier to cut wellbeing out of a budget (or disregard it all together), than it is to add or expand it.

Ultimately, wellbeing is an individual responsibility, but our work institutions need to publicly embrace and encourage it-- without that support, personal wellbeing will continue to be regarded simply as "nice to have", rather than "must have".

Physical fitness? Thankfully, most of us now understand that it is an important component of wellbeing. Mental and emotional fitness are, however, light years behind the level of understanding that physical fitness seems to enjoy. That's bad for individuals, and it's bad for business. Complicated? Certainly. Untenable? Every bit as certain.

Mental and emotional fitness are undeniably as important to the notion of wellbeing as physical fitness, and in some cases, require the expertise of a third-party professional. In many instances, however, self-care tools such as mindfulness and meditation can provide a sufficient intervention.

Institutional prioritization of workplace wellbeing is incredibly important-- how that prioritization is implemented is a matter of institutional determination, but a commitment to wellbeing is absolutely critical.

Own it publicly-- say it loud and be proud!


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