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iPhone Cameras Can Provide Valuable Mindfulness Cues

Many of us consider computers (cell phones are minicomputers) to be unfortunate sources of mindless distraction-- for good reason. But, what about the ever-popular camera function? Is that just another distraction, or could it possibly be more?

Concededly, our cameras-on-the-ready proclivity has memorialized many hitherto uncaptured moments of life and shared them with others. But can our experience of life be heightened beyond the act of simply taking pictures? If we use the action to remind ourselves that the moment we're digitizing is more than just an image, then sure-- we can capture a whole lot more in our memory, if we choose to snap photographs mindfully.

We can recall how we felt in the moment took the photo; We can recall all of the information our 5 senses brought us at that moment; We can actually be there. And any moment worthy of capturing in a picture, is a moment worthy of remembering-- or reexperiencing-- in full. Images are important, but recollection of details that aren't captured by a camera, is even more complete!

Be it a photograph or a song, a scent, a sound, a tactile clue or even a flavor-- everything can be enriched by a mindful recollection that recaptures the moment, in all its depth and complexity. Some of that depth or complexity may be at odds with our initial recollection, but its rich-- and its real.

Whether a mindfully recalled photograph is ultimately quizzical, wistful, happy or sad shouldn't matter-- authenticity is the final arbiter of truth.

Cameras (whether they're part of an iPhone, or other) can provide invaluable windows to the past-- let them be a felt experiences. Let it be mindful!


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