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A Nagging Question

For years, I've talked and written about mindfulness and meditation as important components of wellbeing and for that entire period of time, almost all law managers (and many other business managers) have scoffed, expressed skepticism, or remained silent and simply changed the subject. Why?

I understand that I'm soft in the head (kidding). I know I've drunk the proverbial Kool-Aid (kidding, again). And I get it, that I just don't get it (totally kidding). But seriously, I am really and truly perplexed. The only thing that comes to mind, is the nagging question: Why?

If there is a viable debate, then let's have it. If there are any dangers or other genuine concerns, then let them be publicly declared. If there are other competing demands that are deemed to be more compelling (like financial concerns) then let them be expressed and explained. But please, please, please don't simply ignore the efficacy of mindfulness or meditation. They're way too important.

To anyone who may not understand mindfulness or meditation, please learn about them-- I'd be happy to help that process (as I've already done, for privately held corporate staff). To anyone who may be curious, scratch that itch. To anyone who may be uncomfortable even talking about either topic, I encourage you to take the plunge. I promise: Neither mindfulness nor meditation, will bite.

Education and experience will go a long way toward addressing the apparent dilemma. Exposure will net both and will also have the eleemosynary impact of expanding awareness concerning the broader issue of workplace wellbeing. Expand, educate and experience-- the phrase fits on a bumper sticker, and anyone is free to use it.

Most importantly, do it. As the market-makers at Nike like to say: Just Do It!


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