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Reckless Disregard

Last month I wrote a piece entitled, "Willful Ignorance", focused on the skepticism of so many about the importance workplace wellbeing-- particularly in the legal profession.

Surprisingly, it was suggested that my earlier posting was unfairly critical. So, in the interest of being fair, I gave the matter further thought, and concluded that a different standard might in fact be more appropriate: Reckless disregard for the truth.

Everyone knows that many lawyers are a conservative lot, and in that regard, the pace at which the profession has recognized and adopted lawyer wellbeing (which has been glacial), is not exactly a surprise. Anyone who might wish to take issue with that assertion, should examine the budgeting process adopted by most law firms-- partner compensation remains top-of-mind, and the wellbeing of "worker bees" is given short shrift (if it's considered, at all).

Mental fitness is every bit as important as physical fitness, but it's rarely addressed and is often not readily discernable. Landlords may build rudimentary gyms as an incentive to attract prospective tenants, but they seldom (if ever) dedicate space for silence, stillness or reflection-- and if landlords don't absorb that particular cost, the sad truth is that most tenants (particularly law firms) are loath to pick up the expense.

Be it client pressure or landlord accommodation, it's apparent to me that most law firms will need a push and/or financial incentive, before they'll invest any meaningful resources in addressing mental fitness.

In the meantime, they'll likely continue their attitude of reckless disregard.


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