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A Tipping Point

In the months of January and February, I had the privilege of addressing staff members of an international, privately held corporation about mindfulness and meditation-- both of which are important components of wellbeing, which is both physical and mental.

In addition to an educational discussion, we also held a group meditation, which provided an insightful experiential moment. And, based on ensuing conversations, I believe that a number of attendees have started or resumed a personal practice. What's more, I have genuine hope that a formal ERG or informal gathering of like-minded individuals, will come together-- in either event, employees now know that the company is supportive of them!

The good news is that change is finally happening. The bad news is that change has not yet been widely embraced by the legal sector of the business world-- the law firms. Oh well, movement is movement and in spite of the wealth of scientifically verified information that is publicly available, many law firms are still taking baby steps toward embracing the cause of lawyer wellbeing, and the future of the "baby" is TBD.

It took decades for the Berlin Wall to come down and it seems that patience would be well-advised, but I think we've finally reached a tipping point with regard to workplace wellbeing. Clients throughout the wider business world are starting to get it, and it stands to reason that the narrower legal vertical will soon follow suit.

At its core, workplace wellbeing is a human rights issue-- it's about dignity and respect for diversity of practice, as well as opinion. The only question is whether it will be adopted voluntarily, or involuntarily.

Kudos to those business institutions (including law firms), that choose to be on the right side of the workplace wellbeing concern!


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