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10G Can't Exist Without 1M

The faster technology gets, the "slower" we need to be able to think and act in human moments, when technology is not taking us for a ride.

Speed is what makes the world go 'round these days and in certain circumstances, we need to live with that speed-- we need to use it for both our own purposes, and the purposes of those we serve. But therein lies a conundrum: How can we embrace the speed of technology, without becoming slaves to it?

For some, the answer comes in the form of AI. For others (like me), it comes in the form of mindfulness and meditation. But guess what? There's a third option of which many are unaware: The Slow Movement. What is it, and is it a viable option or antidote to the increasing speed of our world?

Advocates of the Slow Movement can respond much better than me, and I know just the fellow to fill that role: Carl Honore, author of the book, In Praise Of Slowness. To quote from the book:

"In this media-drenched, data rich, channel-surfing, computer-gaming age, we have lost the art of doing nothing, of shutting out the background noise and distractions, of slowing down and simply being alone with our thoughts....

"Now is the moment to define our terms. Fast and Slow do more than just describe a rate of change. They are ways of being, or philosophies of life. Fast is busy, controlling, aggressive, hurried analytical, stressed, superficial, impatient, active quantity-over quality. Slow is the opposite: calm, careful, receptive, still, intuitive, unhurried, patient, reflective, quality-over quantity. It is about making real and meaningful connections-- with people, culture, work, food, everything. The paradox is that Slow does not always mean slow....

"Despite what some critics say, the Slow Movement is not about doing everything at a snail's pace. Nor is it a Luddite attempt to drag the whole planet back to some pre-industrial utopia. On the contrary, the movement is made up of people like you and me, and people who want to live better in a fast-paced, modern world.

"[Paragraph break inserted]. That is why the Slow philosophy can be summed up in a single word: balance. Be fast when it makes sense to be fast, and be slow when slowness is called for. Seek to live in what musicians call the tempo giusto-- the right speed."

So, slow down every once in a while, and smell the roses. Or, as Ram Dass said/wrote: Be Here Now!


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