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Managing Post-COVID Tension Between Employee Desire To Work Remotely, And Employer Desire To Re-Establish Institutional Connection

There are lots of theories and plenty of pundits offering advice, but really, for something that's complicated, it's not that complicated. The affordable, common-sense solution to the tension that exists between employers and employees is obvious: Workplace wellbeing.

Concern about wellbeing has grown to become nearly universal, even though the individual elements are different for everyone-- that's exactly why establishing a well-rounded wellbeing initiative in the workplace, is so important to managing the current tension that exists between employers and employees.

Making the workplace a source of information and a safe place to nurture one's wellbeing sends the message that the institution truly cares about the individuals who make it what it is. It's about doing, as opposed to talking and virtue signaling-- and when it comes to bridging the gap that exists between most employers, the establishment of an initiative for the men/women who earn a living through their employment with a particular institution, action speaks much louder than words.

A voluntary, thoughtful and balanced initiative-- supported by institutional policies that recognize and support it-- can be an effective way to attract workers back into the workplace, if internally promoted in an even-handed, neutral and encouraging manner. Simply stated, an earnest and genuine workplace wellbeing initiative is a tangible demonstration of an institution's commitment to communicate and collaborate with employees.

Be it in-person, remote or both simultaneously, a meaningful wellbeing initiative is something that employees need and expect from today's employers. Hiring a wellbeing director is a step in the right direction but providing him/her with a budget and staff is just as important. Establishing meaningful lines of communication between him/her and company or firm management is also critical.

Want to do something to re-engage with employees and coax them back to the workplace? Establish and promote a workplace wellbeing initiative that models the kind of program described above and seeks their additional input in a meaningful fashion.

There are solutions to complicated employment situations-- and sometimes, they're hiding in plain sight!


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