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Brand Up: Workplace Wellbeing

My guilty pleasure? For the past couple years it's been the Morning Joe news show (weekday mornings) and one of my favorite features lately, has been the brand up/brand down segment-- sometimes it's silly and not particularly serious, but often, it's substantive and thought-provoking.

In my mental perambulations I've begun to think about workplace wellbeing as a "brand" of sorts, and my conclusion (not surprisingly) is that wellbeing in the workplace-- especially in our law firms-- is definitely brand-up because post- COVID, mental health complications and office attendance challenges have become even more intensified than ever.

As the world becomes increasingly fast-paced and technologically advanced, inter-personal connection has become more and more difficult. Couple those complications with other challenges the health pandemic accelerated, and many of us find ourselves struggling to find strategies to help us get through the day-- that's when getting back to basics through one or more wellbeing practices can be so helpful.

Equally important, that's where employers who commit to building and maintaining a well-rounded wellbeing initiative can more closely associate themselves with the women and men who drive the success of their businesses.
Workplace wellbeing's "brand" is up, and that's why savvy employers are getting onto the wellbeing bandwagon. What a concept: What's good for employees, is good for us all-- including employers and clients.

Workplace wellbeing? BRAND-UP!


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