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In The Words of "The Terminator"...

According to a piece written recently by Arnold Schwarzenegger, "you should treat your mind no differently than your body. You should train them both"'. Who knew that he and I would agree? That apparently happens to those of us who pay attention to nothing but the body when we are young, but wise up to the importance of the mind when we are older.

The mind/body connection has been a topic of scrutiny and discussion for centuries, and I can't even begin to explain it in this blog post. It's a fascinating philosophical and religious question that has been examined by countless others and filled volumes of books-- it's a connection that is obvious, but has eluded man's understanding, since the beginning of time.

Me? I'm an Arnold kind of guy-- I like to keep it relatively simple. I'm definitely into training, and I subscribe to the notion that we should train both our body and our mind. Body-wise, I used to be a runner until I suffered a knee injury-- now, I'm into yoga and swimming. Mind-wise, I used to be into spending time in nature and while I still enjoy that, I'm also a full-time meditator.

Both nature and meditation involve silence and reflection, which have always appealed to me. I love the world we all live in and the people who inhabit it, but I've always been attracted to the restorative quality of reflection-- that's also true of many others.

Training obviously involves work and repetition, but it also-- at different times-- involves rest and relaxation. Both can be a challenge (sometimes one, more than the other) and that's where training comes into play.

We train in order to expand our capacity or ability-- in both the physical and mental worlds. As Arnold so plainly puts it: We should train both.


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