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Stop Hazing, And Get Back To Amazing

It's sad, but true. The legal profession (most law firms, in particular) is not much different than a bunch of fraternities-- "I had to [fill in the blank]. Now, it's your turn".

Many internal practices (certainly, much of the "culture") is/are shockingly anachronistic-- largely from the dark ages, and in some instances, downright prehistoric. Fred Flintstone would have been a model Managing Partner.

The latest example is the manner in which the profession has adapted to the cause of lawyer wellbeing: A lot of virtue signaling and very little substantive activity to suggest an earnest understanding, or acceptance. In all likelihood, that's attributable to the fact that wellbeing hasn't historically been a workplace concern-- but it is, now.

And the profession could go from hazing to amazing, in the blink of an eye, if it would only recognize, accept and implement thoughtful workplace initiatives that proactively address the wellbeing of the men and women, on the backs of whom it has thrived and prospered.

Preservation of prestige? Check. Professional haven for the best and brightest? Check. Insure sustainability of the profession by recognizing and protecting the personal health of individual constituents? Check. The "good old days" could become the new reality of today by making a simple commitment to make the profession better, through the promotion of wellbeing in the workplace.

The demands that have been made on generations of lawyers won't change but the sense of trust, respect and comradery will-- because the commitment to individual wellbeing will inspire those changes.

Let lawyer wellbeing become an example of the law of unintended consequences-- one good deed, begetting another!


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