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The Legal Profession Needs A "Second Cabinet"

I know, I know-- the legal profession doesn't have a cabinet, but the President does and according to him, he's appointing a sort of "second cabinet" to oversee and enforce the actual doing of all the things that have been legislated into law, during his administration. In other words, making things happen actually matters.

What a concept. Did you ever think you'd see the day? Asking nicely certainly doesn't work, and legislation doesn't necessarily do the trick. Among the business concerns that populate the legal profession (most law firms), that's obviously the fact. Point in case? Lawyer wellbeing.

Years ago (though, concededly, it was in the 21st century) the National Task Force on Lawyer Wellbeing published a widely disseminated study that both documented the wellbeing challenges that plague the legal profession and went one step further, to suggest in detail some specific responses.

Lots has been written and said about the matter, and even the American Bar Association ("ABA") has weighed in with what might accurately be characterized as a thumbs up-- it actually launched a Pledge campaign, asking law firms to "pledge" their support for lawyer wellbeing. Now that over 200 firms have signed the Pledge, it might be time for some other organization to actually enforce it (as it turns out, the Pledge is merely precatory-- it's up to the signers, to be good scouts).

Hence, the idea of a "second cabinet". Former president, Ronald Reagan, is quoted as having promoted the idea that the United States should, "Trust, but verify" the actions of Russia. Sounds reasonable to me.

Maybe the actions of law firms that signed the ABA Pledge, should be examined and verified?


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