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Start A Wellbeing Collective

Is wellbeing only feasible for big law firms, or big businesses? What about the women and men who work at firms or business concerns of 100 or fewer professionals?

Why not form a collective or consortium of several firms or businesses to share the advice and expertise of a single third-party vendor-- a vendor who helps construct a single wellbeing initiative that is shared on alternative days?

Why not share the cost of engaging a single, qualified third-party vendor with other like-minded firms or companies? Why not benefit from lessons learned by others? Or the input generated by others? Or the experiences enjoyed or endured by others? I understand that forming and maintaining such an arrangement would be both a legal and a management challenge, but it's hard to imagine a more worthy cause.

The point is, with planning and effort, a comprehensive wellbeing initiative is absolutely within reach-- even for entities struggling with multiple budget concerns. The wellbeing of women and men working at any firm or business must be acknowledged and accommodated-- especially in the post-pandemic world in which we're now operating. That process requires both ingenuity and an open mind to alternative solutions, like the suggestion of a wellbeing collective.

Ultimately, wellbeing is a personal choice, but the importance of cultivating the necessary state of mind and affording people the time and discipline to pursue it'

Collectively, we are stronger. Collectively, we can encourage and implement meaningful wellbeing!


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