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Nothing Is Everything

Catchy advertising or professional copywriting requires talent-- talent that many of us can't afford. We can, however, reimagine the thing that advertisers or professional copywriters are promoting. And sometimes, that act of reimagining can be pretty impactful.

The promotion of the day is, "nothing is everything" and the specific word I'm reimagining is, "nothing". How could "nothing" possibly be "everything"? Hmm-- let's imagine that the "nothing" referred to, is simply sitting in silence, following our breath and observing the mind, as it thinks thoughts-- without judgment and without attachment. In other words, let's imagine that "nothing" refers to the practice of meditation.

So, what about the "everything"-- how could meditation possibly be "everything"? Well, everything, all the time-- that'd be ridiculous. Everything, in the moment-- that's more like it. And the moment can be more than a single instant. As portrayed in movies all the time, the "moment" can stand in contradiction to time. The "moment" may not last forever but the feeling, or vision, or understanding it leaves us with, does.

Whether it's a moment in our backyard, or our favorite National Park, or a friend's house--whether it's a solo moment or a moment shared with someone else-- it's everything for us. Then, and there. The moment may be nothing (in a literal sense), but it can still be everything, in a personal sense. In an age when doing is ballyhooed and celebrated, I believe it's worthwhile-- dare I say, necessary-- that we make time for ourselves to do nothing. Silently, in stillness.

Following the breath. Watching our mind, as it thinks thoughts. Observing our body, as it feels feelings. Some would say that's nothing, but I'd say it's everything.


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