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Respect Yourself

A classic song, by the Staple Singers-- some of whom spent the night at the house of their early producer, who lived across the street from my humble abode! The song has a strong melody, a killer bass line, and expresses a sentiment that was radically straightforward. As it turns out, however, what was simply stated was, ultimately, pretty complicated.

How are we supposed to respect ourselves? Are we to be respectful of our diet and the foods/drinks we choose to consume? Or should we respect the environment we live in? Maybe we ought to be more respectful of the ideas we choose to embrace, or espouse? Do we respect ourselves, by respecting others?

If we accept the notion that accepting "yourself" may also include respecting others, things get complicated very quickly-- which is why this particular song is so powerful. As the walrus once said, so eloquently, "I am you, and you are me, and he is she, and we are all together".

One particular form of respect that's worth considering, is a practice that may not immediately leap to mind: Meditation. It's an important component of mental hygiene and is, in many ways, as basic as flossing teeth. Self-care comes in many different forms, shapes and sizes!

Some forms of hygiene are drilled into us by our mothers, or our doctors. Other forms of hygiene are left to us, to figure out for ourselves. At root, though, all kinds of self-care are about respect for-- or appreciation of-- ourselves.

How do you respect yourself?


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