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As a frequent Country/Western listener, I have a special fondness for Blake Shelton's song, Home. The lyrics really hit home (pun intended) and the melody is memorable-- I also appreciate the singer, and the expression of emotion that permeates his voice. The song also gets me thinking about the notion of home which (for me), is several different places/things.

Sometimes "home" is real, and sometimes it's imagined. Sometimes home is a very specific place, and sometimes it's a more broadly felt emotion. Whatever the case, the notion of "home" carries with it a feeling of familiarity, safety and comfort. Home (as the saying goes) is where the heart is.

Ah yes, the heart-- the place from which our feelings traditionally are believed to originate. And our feelings often temper our thoughts, which traditionally are believed to originate in the mind. Can we observe both our thoughts and our feelings, and thereby become better acquainted with "home"? Sure: If we practice meditation.

Meditation can be different things, at different times -- but in my book, it's all meditation. Meditative moments led meditation or self-guided meditation (all of which can be defined and taught) are available to all of us, if we choose to educate and train ourselves.

Regardless of whether home has four walls and a designated location on a map or is a thought/feeling not defined by finite detail-- home is always available. Regardless of whether we physically go there or travel by imagination, home will always be there.

As the character Dorothy put it: There's no place like home-- and I think she was right!


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