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Living In The Material World

Madonna sang about the material world (i.e., the world that can be acquired by money) with tremendous commercial success, but it's commonly accepted wisdom that money can't buy everything.
According to the Beatles (for instance), money can't buy love but what else can't it buy?

Happiness, contentment, satisfaction or affection-- they can all be acquired with money, up to a certain point, but what about the part beyond that point? If all that glitters is not gold, what else could it be? With lottery winnings regularly topping a million dollars and some topping billions of dollars, a lot of people are beginning to question the common wisdom that has been handed down for the last several centuries.

Me-- I grew up in the material world and worked every day of my adult life in it. One day, however, the material benefits I had been fortunate enough to receive were no longer as satisfying as they previously had been, and I became curious. What else had I been missing? Was there more than I had been taught, or perceived?

Don't get me wrong-- I still love the things I used to love, but now I also make time and space for me. I call it, "me time" and it makes everything a little bit sweeter. And a little bit, is a lot more than I could have ever acquired through material means.

Inexplicably, making time for me has allowed me to become more available for others. What I now realize is the life may not be great all the time, but it sure is good most of the time and that's a gift for which I am grateful.

The material world can be plenty of fun, but an embrace of the ethereal world can make it even better!


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