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The Long And Winding Road

As I sat down to draft this post, Paul McCartney's voice and the song featured in the title, popped into my head. And suddenly it occurred to me that the interest in workplace wellbeing has been growing slowly (long) and it's increasingly multi-faceted (winding). As long as it gets here, I'll keep talking about it!

The components I talk about most frequently are, of course, mindfulness and meditation but I'm a huge fan of workplace wellbeing, in general. Physical fitness, mental fitness and emotional fitness are all necessary parts of the wellbeing puzzle but let's not overlook diet and nutrition, as well as financial advice, estate planning advice and child rearing advice-- to name a few of the most obvious wellbeing concerns.

Given the challenges that confront all of us (at different times, and in different ways), the need for workplace wellbeing is obvious-- it's also an unquestionable plus for both employers and employees.
So why the skepticism? Why the reluctance? Why the resistance? Hiding our collective heads in the sand, is clearly not a winning strategy-- and neither is willful ignorance.

Many days I've been alone, and many days I've cried. In many ways you'll never know, the many ways I've tried-- but still they bring me back to the long winding road. Yep, that's a direct quote from the song, and it's absolutely true.

Wellbeing is certainly not easy, and it's not for the faint of heart. But it's real and as a practice, it brings us back to us.

Workplace wellbeing? Paul summed it up best: Yeah, yeah, yeah-- yeah!


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