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Good Times Bad Times

We're wrapping up the month with one of the all-time greatest rock-'n'-roll bands of all time: Led Zeppelin. This particular tune was an incredible way to introduce the band, and the lead guitar riff was simply out of this world-- both then, and today!

Not surprisingly, what I heard then was a bit different than what I hear now -- but the music never changes. Then (more than 50 years ago), it was the sheer menace and majesty of a sound I had never heard before. Today, my takeaway is a bit more traditional, though it's equally instructive. The song reminds me that ups and downs are part of life, and during the down times it's important to be kind to oneself-- and grateful for the people, places and things that make us happy.

Kindness and gratitude are two sides of the same coin, and they impact not only the way we treat ourselves, but also, the way we treat others. That's a pretty powerful two-fer, and even though kindness and gratitude may not have been Led Zep's inspiration for this particular song, they're sure working for me, today.

The song also reminds me about the importance of perseverance and commitment-- both of which are important for anyone who may choose to make time for meditation in their already busy lives. The obvious analogy for meditation is physical exercise, which a lot of people now prioritize. I'm all for that, but what about mental exercise-- why isn't that a priority, as well?

Our mental health is every bit as important as our physical health, and I find myself asking the same question again, and again: Why don't people care for their minds the same way they care for their bodies? There are plenty of explanations. Vanity is the most obvious explanation, but I also suspect that ignorance is a contributing factor-- ignorance of our own minds.

Whether times are good or bad, we all should be more mindful of our mental health-- don't you think?


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