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Meditation Can Be Flexible and Practical

I'm a Vipassana practitioner (often referred to as Insight Meditation, in the States), and there are at least three (3) different levels of meditation that non-meditators should learn about-- they vary in terms of time, place and practice, and make meditation a lot more flexible and practical than many people might think.

As a meditation teacher and vocal advocate who lived much of his life skeptical of the practice, I admit the sad fact that I didn't understand meditation, and never learned much about it. My goal in posting the next several blogs, is to make sure that readers don't make the same mistake I did.

Cloaking meditation in mystery or ceremony is no way to expand the practice. I think education is the answer: Promoting better understanding, and ultimately, normalization. And that's especially the case now, when the notion of (and need for) self-care, has become so prevalent in our society-- because meditation, in one form or another, is an important component of self-care.

Our mental fitness is every bit as important as our physical fitness, and that's a fact lost on way too many people-- also, a significant part of mental fitness, is emotional fitness. People require all three, to function in the day-to-day world.

And speaking of the number three, the next three postings will address the three levels of meditation mentioned above: Meditative Moments, Led Meditation and Self-Guided Meditation-- each provide a degree of self-care, and each are important.

Please join me!


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