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Meditative Moments

Meditative Moments are easy: They're short and focused. More specifically, they're focused on our breath. And if the situation permits or we're so inclined, they also facilitate a focus on our thoughts and on feelings, or broader emotions. Meditative Moments are a great way to take seconds, or minutes, to stop whatever we're doing, and take stock-- to simply, check in.

And do so in complete privacy. Close the door, turn off the lights, hit the DND button on the phone, power down the computer, and take a few deep breaths. Nobody else needs to know, and quite honestly, nobody else will even care because they'll be doing whatever they're doing.

Find the breath, and purposefully breathe it. Scan the mind for thoughts. Scan the body for feelings. Notice emotions, as they blossom in our mind and manifest in our body. Notice all those things-- not to assess, weigh, attribute or figure out what's going on in that particular moment, but simply to be aware.

With that awareness, can come a calmer acceptance of things we can't control. An acceptance that is better informed and more balanced-- an acceptance that allows us to respond, rather than react. I don't know about you, but I usually do better responding, than reacting-- I'm far less likely to say something, or do something, that I later regret.

I also do much better when I feel that I'm proactively involved in what's going on around me-- I don't play the passive victim role very well, and Meditative Moments help me feel like I'm more of a player in the moment. They never make me more powerful in determining or influencing an outcome, but they inevitably make me more reflective and more accepting.

Breathe, notice, become more aware and become calmer. Respond, rather than react. If that's helpful and you're thinking about something more, then perhaps consider the next level of meditation -- Led Meditation which is still private, is guided by others who know the ropes, and is easy to do in a short amount of time.

From seed to seedling, Meditative Moments can grow into Led Meditation-- like they did, for me. And the best part is they're both important components of self-care!


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