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Self-Guided Meditation

As mentioned in the last post, Self-Guided meditation may not be an in-office favorite (though it is, undeniably, a tremendous self-care tool). Why? Because it's hard, and work is often hard enough!  It also typically takes at least 30 minutes or longer-- which is more than some of us can take, away from our job. Let's get real: Practical considerations have to be taken into account-- especially when talking about workplace wellbeing.

That doesn't mean the office isn't an important place for Self-Guided meditation-- it simply means that the practice may not be feasible at work. Education about the practice, however, can easily be adapted to the demands of the working environment. Having learned about the practice and it's benefits during working hours, some women and men will have the opportunity to explore the practice on their own (if they so choose) during morning/evening hours, or on weekends.

Referring back to the physical fitness analogy previously discussed, Self-Guided meditation is likely to be more popular among "serious" devotees-- the 10+ milers, as opposed to the 1 milers. There are effective meditation options for "1 milers", and those options are certainly worthy of investigation as effective self-care tools to protect and promote mental fitness-- I know, because I've used them to tremendous effect.

So, what's the deal then, with Self-Guided meditation-- whenever, and wherever, one might practice it? Is it really only for "10+ milers"? Truth be told, my opinion is a resounding "no"-- Self-Guided meditation is for everybody. As a matter of fact, I think everyone should be educated about the practice-- it's a matter of personal choice, of course, as to whether or not we choose to act on that information.

The old wisdom we've all heard is that we can lead a horse to water, but we can't make it drink-- the same is absolutely true of meditation, of whatever stripe. But the importance of leading the horse to water in the first place, is absolutely critical-- education about what "water" is and showing people where/how to find it when they're thirsty, is what it's really all about.

As we can correctly assume, there's a lot more to Self-Guided meditation than sitting on a cushion with our legs crossed-- if that's even the posture one chooses to adopt. This post is not the place to get into the weeds on the topic, but for anyone who might be interested in learning, the opportunity is there, for the taking.

Education is the beginning. Practice is the application of what we learn!


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