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Between Stimulus And Response, There Is A Space...

Viktor Frankl was a fascinating man-- an Austrian Jew and holocaust survivor, who went on to become a respected psychiatrist and insightful author. His seminal work (a book entitled, Man's Search for Meaning) is a must-read for anyone inclined toward introspection or reflection. He was the real deal, and I honor his memory in this post.

The full paraphrase (which permeates Frankl's book, even though it isn't expressly stated) has been repeated by many: "Between stimulus and response, there is a space-- and in that space lies our humanity". Wow, that simply stated observation is loaded-- fully loaded-- with meaning. Especially for those of us who advocate in favor of meditation, which can help us find that space and in so doing, help us access our humanity.

A heartfelt acknowledgement of Dr. Frankl's wisdom and insight-- and for his (perhaps) unintended pitch for the practice of meditation. The rest, it seems, is up to us. Do we care to search for that "space"? Do we have any notion of what we might do, if we find it? If so, does that notion have any bearing on our everyday life? What might we do, if/when we find it?

Speaking for myself, yes, I do care to search for that space-- and meditation is the means by which I seek to do that, because meditation helps me become better acquainted with my thoughts, feelings and emotions. In other words, meditation helps me become better acquainted with myself and that, in turn, helps me better understand what I really want to do.

What I hope to do is become a bit wiser, and a bit more thoughtful about choices I'm making every day-- and in the process, I hope I'll get a bit closer to my humanity.

Join me in searching for that "space", and striving to cultivate the germ of humanity we all possess!


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