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There Really Is A "There", There

The "there" referred to in the title, is the desperate need for improved self-regulation of our thoughts, feelings and emotions-- a need that continues to plague both individuals and institutions.

Training ourselves to respond, rather than react. Can't we all get behind that aspiration? Wouldn't we all benefit from such an effort? Won't we finally do something to address the toxicity that seems to rear its ugly head in each one of us? How many times does the regret that inevitably follows a reactive word or deed have to gnaw away at us, before we're willing to finally act?

Individually, we might start treating with a psychologist, or other third-party professional. Institutionally, we might even engage such a professional to make himself/herself available to meet with interested professionals and staff. Or we could consider other self-care alternatives, such as Secular meditation.

As detailed in three pieces that were posted in my blog last month, the alternatives available through Secular meditation are several, and they're readily available to all of us-- either at home, or in the office. They're flexible, easy to understand, and practical. I know that for a fact, because I personally worked out the details of each alternative and practiced them all myself, while actively practicing law-- I still do.

Meditative Moments, Led Meditation and Self-Guided Meditation are available to all of us, on our own terms and in our own time-- they're also readily interchangeable, depending upon our level of interest or energy, the demands of our circumstances, or requirements of our day.

Secular meditation is not unusual or other-worldly-- not in the least. It's both grounded and extraordinarily useful, as a tool that's freely available to anyone wishing to train their ability to more effectively self-regulate.

Any moment of meditation is better than a moment with no meditation, at all.

Try it-- you just might like it!


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