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In 1966, It Was A Man's World

More than 50 years later though, it's clearly not the case. Today, women have a lot more to say about things-- particularly, if we're talking about workplace wellbeing.

For reasons they know best, women in the business sector have been slow to embrace the wellbeing movement. What a disappointment-- I would have thought they'd be more proactive about protecting workers and encouraging new values. Maybe they just need a bit more time.

And/or, maybe they need more support from us guys. The old saying was that behind every successful man, was a successful woman. If that was ever the case, why not return the favor? Why not support women in their effort to make the workplace a better place -- from behind, next to, or wherever?

Don't get me wrong-- I'm a big fan of guys. I happen to be one. But I'm also a fan of women, and as they become more prominent in the business world, us men should be supportive of women's methods and practices. Especially, their sensitivity to workplace wellbeing-- which would be a good place to start.

Doubling down on the way we used to be, may be a popular political strategy but it isn't the way to live. At least, not the way I'd choose to live. And isn't that more closely akin to the ideal we all profess to embrace? Sure, we think of ourselves, but we also need to think about others.

Let's be honest. Women are generally better about thinking of others, than us men are-- it's the way they're raised, and the way they live much of their lives.

And what more important way to think about others, than to care about their wellbeing?


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